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Sri Sri Gyan Vikas Kendra

64-Old Jawahar Nagar ,S.D College Road –Jalandhar -144001 India

Khus-Hall Jeevan Jeene Ki Kala

What You Will Get Out Of These Courses?

Worries and stress , the root cause of various diseases,will be wholly rooted out.

Control on your anger and irritation.

Lethargy will go and capacity to work will increase.

Strains of marital relations will go away and mutual understanding will prevail.

Not only physically but mentally and intellectually also, you will feel fit.

Happiness forever.

Improves learning skills of students and sharpens their memory

Courses provided by the Kendra:-

Pooran Urja (Complete Energy)

Spread over a period of 7 days , the duration of this course is 14 hrs ,2 hours daily.

In Summer : 4 a.m To 6 a.m.

In Winters: 5 a.m To 7 a.m

This course has specially designed to fill people with “COMPLETE ENERGY”. Thus , making
Them capable of leading a completely healthy and disease-free life. A life , full of energy & vitality.

Eligibility: 15 Years & above

J.S.S. Jeevan Shakti Sanchar ( Jeevan Niti):

Conducted over a period of 21 days , the duration of this course is 45 hrs , 2 hours daily.

In Summer: 4 a.m To 6 a.m

In Winter: 5 a.m To 7 a.m

This course has been very thoughtfully created to teach the “ART OF HAPPY & PROSPEROUS
LIVING” through “JEEVAN NITI” (Life Strategy).
This course makes a person capable of accepting any situation or circumstances in life.
To “smile in the face of adversity” and the strength to face it & come out victorious. Participants
Who successfully complete this “21 Days” course are given a life –time family membership card” of the Kendra.

Eligibility: 18 Years & above.


Spread over a period of 4 days , the duration of this course is 64 hrs , 16 hours daily. This course
Is based on the concept of “POORAN JEEVAN” (Complete Life). All the secrets and the hidden
Truths of life are unlocked after doing this course.

This course can also take a person on the path of becoming a “GURU”. Here by the word “GURU” , We mean a Great Leader, a Great Doctor , a Great Scientist, a Great Artist ,a Great Poet ,a Great Teacher Etc. It means that this course has been thoughtfully designed to take an individual to hights of Greatness in his/her own field of interest. Through this course every individual has the ability to become ‘Great” by developing the necessary traits within him/her.
This is a residential course. The lodging & boarding facilities are provided by the KENDRA it self.

ELIGIBILITY: Family membership card holders of the Kendra.( People who have successfully completed the 21 days J.S.S. course ).

The above mentioned courses are free from all kind of “SIDE EFFECTS”

# These courses are not related to any Religion.


No fee is charged for participating in these courses, so that even the financially weak and the people who do not want to spend money, are not deprived of benefiting from them. In all 3 courses
, the strength of batch is kept around 200 . in India the expenses incurred per participant for the “Complete Energy”, “J.S.S ,& D.S.A”. courses are Rs 1000/- Rs 2000/- Rs. 5000/- respectively.we cannot charge anything from the participants. Niether in the name of KENDRA , nor DONATION, nor in the name of RELIGION. The necessary funds are arranged by over VOLUNTEERS from their personal relations and collect in the form of DONATIONS. All this is done so that through these courses , attaining “COMPLETE ENERGY” & LIFE STRATEGY”,
One can lead a magnanimous and peaceful life, full of happiness & contentment and also achieve the aim of a “COMPLETE LIFE”.


Sri Sri Gyan Vikas Kendra is a complete University. IT is a training institute where people are
Trained and equipped for personal development and fast tracking on the path of growth and prosperity. This university is not related to any Religion. Followers of various Religions come to attend our courses and having been trained, return to their respective Religions.

You can also reap the benefits from these courses by getting them conducted at your own village,
City or country.we only required a suitable hall for conducting the course. The hall should accommodate a minimum of 200 participants in lying down posture. All the expenses incurred in conducting the course are born by the Kendra itself.

To get a course conducted at your preferred location. Please contact the Kendra.

Current course in Jalandhar

A new course is starting from 21 september 2009 on monday


Timming for Registration 5 pm to 7pm {20 SEP 2009 SUNDAY} ( three snaps in necessary for the registration) This course is complitely free

Timming of the course 4am to 6am